Yeco - perfect appearance in 2020 China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) Expo

2020-09-27 10:46:27 Yeco China 3237

Xiamen Yeco Co.,Ltd.

The first exhibition from autumn


As promised


In order to meet the diverse needs of different customers, we have been exploring and optimizing our products and services on the way of research and innovation. The eye-catching reflective materials, with the development of heat transfer mark, keep up with the pace of fashion, strive to present a visual feast for everyone, update cognition. Let's have a look at our popular exhibition.

Exhibition in progress



5.2h.g31 is our booth. Reflective materials and thermal transfer marks are our main products this time. With the help of lighting effect, reflective silver, illusory reflection, conventional carving reflector, high-frequency thermal transfer mark, etc., passers-by can not help but stop.

At the exhibition site, we Yeco explained our products to the audience one after another. Material characteristics, use suggestions, processing precautions, etc., and carefully listen to customers' ideas and feedback, and strive to use our best side to leave a good impression on customers.

At Yeco booth, there are not only 520 milk tea, but also handmade pies that we specially brought from Xiamen with a cup of coffee or black tea. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to those who have given us trust.


Perfect ending


Three days of exhibition is fleeting, in these three days, we have a full harvest; new customers have a preliminary understanding of the use of reflective materials, for thermal transfer label is no longer limited to a single flat label, monochromatic label; old customers visit, we speak freely, for the next cooperation also reached a consensus.

In the future, we will live up to our expectations, adhere to do a good job in products and services. Continue to meet the needs of customers with excellent quality, value and mission. In the coming year, let's continue to meet in Shanghai to witness a better yeco.